The Minneapolis Star from Minneapolis, Minnesota on November 23, 1971 · Page 49
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The Minneapolis Star from Minneapolis, Minnesota · Page 49

Minneapolis, Minnesota
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 23, 1971
Page 49
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IMF. MINNEAPOLIS STAR RADIO THANKSGIVING DAY Holiday closings set -I 1 WLONLSDAY HIGHLIGHTS 0:00 .m. Kim in a daylong series of discussions on "Prison Reform. WLOL. 2:00 p.m. Music by Vaushan Williams. Bach. Stravmski and Schumann presented on "fternoon Concert." KUOM. KTCA-TV, Ch. 2 TUESDAY 4:00 p.m. Misterogers' Neighborhood. 4:30 pjn. Sesame Street. " 5:30 p.m. The Electric Company. :00 p.m. Efficient Reading. JO p.m. Insight. 7:00 p.m. Masquerade. 7:30 p.m. The Advocates. 8:30 p.m. To be announced. 9:00 p.m. Teaching Mentally Retarded Children and Adults. 0:30 p.m. Bird of the Iron Feather. Most discount stores will be closed Thursday. However, at least one. Spartan Atlantic Family Department Stores, will be open Thursday from 1 1 a.m. to 7 p m. Most supermarkets will be closed Thursday, as will banks, savings and loan associations and all city, county, state and federal government offices except the usual emergency services. There will be no mail delivery and mail collections will be on the usual holiday schedule. The main post office and all branches will be closed. Some business firms Nearly all businesses, stores, government offices, schools, colleges and the University of Minnesota will b closed Thursday for Thanksgiving and some of them will be closed also on Friday. Parking meter fees in Minneapolis and St. Paul will not be in force Thursday, but they will be on Friday which traditionally heralds the start of Christmas shopping. All state colleges, the university and all junior cullegs except the one at Brainerd will be closed Thursday to Monday. The Brainerd junior college will hold classes Friday. sun as Honeywell and fi e n e r a I Mills will be ( loscrl both Thursday and Friday. Iiwntown stores which are members of the Downtown (' o u n ( i I will be ( losed 1 hursday Many stores and discount houses will begin "holiday shopping" hours on Friday Minneapolis p u b 1 1 schools will be closed both Thursday and Friday, as will most of the metropolitan area schools. The Union Stockyard Co., South St. Paul, will be closed Thursday and open Friday, but the usual Friday auction of feeder cattle will be held Wednesday instead. The stock exchanges will be closed Thursday but most will operate Don Greenberg of Greenberg's, Inc. says: liiln turn I. i JJf 1H 'win. Tka ItiTlt M .7 tWIM OtiH IU1I0NI 0W ret uOM wrco (Til nw two WM IIM W 1 lu 1440 Ml NO KIM at I40 DM IIM WlUt UN I IO tto l.M.I k'ct n.i mil m WlOl ttl WCTI IM.) WCAl t.i MS 101 I l 101 t 104 I 100 HI MI IIM TONIGHTS HIGHLIGHTS 6:30 pun. Robert Purcell director of the Minnesota Housing Authority, visits Minneapolis." KBliM-FM. 8:00 p.m. "Cleveland Orchestra Concert" (stereo). KSJN-FM. 9:00 p.m. "Library of Congress Chamber Music Concert" (stereo). WCAI -FM. 10:00 p.m. Hockey: Minnesota vs. Vancouver WCCO. WCCO-4 CIS :00! "Tho Proud :30) and The Graham Mayborry R.F.D. 5 00 Prolan" :30W.Croniito Hogan'i Horooi Nightly Nw 6 :00 Scono at Sii :30Glon World Today Irontid 7 .00! Compboll Irontid Sarqa 30 Hawaii 8 :00! Fivo-O :30. Cannon Sarqa Jamet Garner Q:00 Cannon At Nichols The D.A. 30 MooreonTuei KJO Scene Tonight World Today Tonight 30Movil 10:50) KSTP-5 NIC TUISOAV "Buy a 72 from me, and I II prove it. KMSP-9 WTCN-II AIC AFTERNOON American Motors can make this guarantee because they're taking extra care at the factory to see that nothing does go wrong. But if you buy a new car from me and should have a problem I'm the guy who'll back our BUYER PROTECTION PLAN guarantee. See or call me at Greenberg's Inc. West Highway 10, Anoka Phone 421-4950 'ALL IN THE FAMILY TOPS NIELSEN RATINGS NEW YORK, N.Y. MP Television's top threesome, "All in the Family," "Flip Wilson" and MMcus Welby, M.D.," once again dominated the top 10 in the Nielsen ratings. The shows came in that order for the week of Nov. 8-14. Here are the top 10: 1. "AH in the Family," CBS. 2. Flip Wilson, NBC. 3. "Marcus Welby, M.D.," ABC. 4. "Hawaii 5-0," CBS. 5. ABC Sunday Movie, "The Longest Day." 6. "Medical Center," CBS. 7. "Gunsmoke," CBS. 8. "Adam-12,M ABC. tt ?MaHTx,n CBS. - 10. ABCTVlovie of the week, "Do Not Fold, Spindle or Mutillate." 10 n:00l "Wingtof :30l The Hawk" These Ail-American Dealers 12 will back that Haul G.ntl Bon I Love Lucy Gilliqan's ll. Eytwitnen Nowi Smith- Raa sonar Potticoat Junct'n Sf-r Tret ToT.II-Truth Mod Squad StarTr.k Oream-Joannlo Mod Squad Movl Mitch Miller Thanhg'q Spec. "Reluctant Heroei" Virginian Virginian Mtrcut Welby. M.D. Virginian Newt Eyewitnen Newt Wild, Wild Dragnet Movie Wett Dick Cavett "Something For A Dick Cavett Dick Cavett Lonely Man" Newt-lntpiration MORNING Chapel (6:55) Morning News Morning Newt Jntpiration-Nowt Batman Newt and Views Grandpa Ken Cetey-R'd house & Hobo Kelly Romper Room Mantrap A.M. Report . Jack LaLenne Green Acret That Girl Dial-Dollars Patty Duke Bewitched Pattword Divorce Court Gallop. Gourmet AFTERNOON All My Children Left Make Deal Lunch iith Catoy Newlywed Game Dating Gam Movie "Slim General Hospital One Lif to Live Carter-Sewing (2:50) Love, Amor. Style Flying Nun Beat th Clock Fred, Friends BENEFITS BY JUDGE'S WILL RULING Los Angeles, Calif (iPi Before he died at 86 five years ago, Dr. Maxmillian N. Lando wrote a longhand will leaving half of his $868,000 estate to "the good people of Los Angeles. ' There was a cat?h. Lando, an optometrist, stipulated that the estate ramain untouched for 200 years to draw interest Half would go to the University of Minnesota for science scholarships. The recipients can't wait 200 years, Superior Court Judge Joseph Wapner ruled Monday, even t h o ugh accountants figured the estate would be worth time. $3 billion by that The judge said the 200-year provision violated legal rules against trusts in perpetuity. He ordered the university bequest to be paid and the other proceeds from the estate used to enlarge a gallery at the county Museum of Natural Sciences. Tonight Tonight 001 V.Heflin David Frost David Frott :30 Movie WEDNESDAY 6 :00 30 Sun. Semester Minn. Today 7 OOiClaney-Cerm. 30!Claney-Willie Today Today 8 :00,Cptin Today Today 30, Kangaroo 9 00 Lucy Show :30!Hillbilliet Dinah's Place Concentration :00 Family Affair :30!Lov of Life Sale-Century Hlywd. Squares :00 Heart Is :30 Seerch-Tomor. Jeopardy Who.What.Wh. WEDNESDAY :00'Midday NowtDial S DialS 30 World Turns 1 :00 LovoSplondrd. 1 :30!Guiding L:ght Days of-Livet Th Doctors .00 Secret Storm :30 Edge of Night Another W'ld Bright Promise :00 Gomor Pyle :30ErlyShow Somerset Virgin! 10 11 Al Gleekel Penn Auto Plaza 8099 Penn Avenue South Phone 884-7481 Harold Johnson American Central Auto 2628 Central Avenue Northeast Phone 781-3351 Oave Brotzler & Ron McDamels Brooklyn American, Inc. 7417 Brooklyn Boulevard Phone 560-8440 Bob Forster Grand American 654 University Avenue. St. Paul Phone 227-8971 Bob Embretson Lyndale Automotive Co. 3610 Lyndale Avenue South Phone 822-3103 12 2 3 It must have been relatively easy, back in the days television,, to set a time for Thanksgiving dinner. TV Program Notes Information about program it from network and m iv Open hearings on phone rate hike scheduled The Minnesota Public Service Commission will begin to take public testimony Dec. 8 on a proposed rate increase it is studying for the Northwestern Bell Telephone Co. The hearings have been going on for several months, but up to now they have dealt with testimony from company and state officials. The public sessions of the hearings, open to any-o n e not represented by those involved in the case up to now, will begin at 10 a.m. Dec. 8 in Room 410 of the State Office Building just west of the rapitol in St. Paul. The sessions will continue as long as people wish to appear. The company is seeking a $38-million rate increase. THANKSGIVING SPECIAL menu MITCH MILLER'S annual THANKSGIVING SHOW An hour of favorite songs and music for your family's holiday pleasure. TONIGHT 7:00-8:00 Presented by The Greatest Nam in Savings Sing-along with Mitch Miller chorus. Leslie Uggams, 9 their hopes to a locomotive. THAT CERTAIN FEELING Bob Hope Eva Mori Saint An "snkneirn" cartoonist beams imnivtd is in sttimpt t trim Mct-iiKCMffNl comic strip - comsJitit4 If kit n-Hlft, sacraUn; to hit am boss 3 i((!Mk ii Chances were then that DINNER 'WHISTLE BLOWS AT 5 Twin Cities American Motors Dealers Home vlbrthe Holidays guarantee too: AMERICAN MOTORS vw TWIN CITIES DEALERS H WCCO iTV on TUEsdAy PRESENTED BY TCF not1 SI TONIGHT 9:30-1 0PAA Mitch and the male Louise O'Brien capture the spirit of the Thanksgiving season in a lively musical hour. O ss ( - S5 members of the family had their feet planted under the table moments before the appointed hour and that all eyes were focused on the carving of the tur- key. All that has changed, of course, since televised football became the main . a a. most popular Keith Wonderful World of Movies course on tne nonaay menu. Each yearbout this time I get a few phone calls from wives of football fanatics who ask plaintively if there might possibly be a few minutes on Thanksgiving Day when a dinner could be squeezed in without having to set up the TV trays. I'm happy to report that the networks seem to have slipped up a bit in their scheduling of football games Thursday, and if the cook steps lively, there will be a brief time out on the fields during which the old man may be persuaded to refuel between games. Give or take a pre-game or post-game show or two, the grid-iron cease-fire Thursday will run from 5 p.m. till 7 p.m. There are, however, some "no-no" hours when Frank Fan must not be disturbed under any circumstances, unless one is spoiling for a good fight. The first kickoff takes place at 11 a.m. following three hours of parade telecasts with the Kansas City Chiefs meeting the Detroit Lions on NBC. That game will still be in progress at the most critical point of the day 1:30 p.m. when ABC televises the showdown between college football's two top-ranked teams, Nebraska and Oklahoma. CBS, meanwhile, will carry the Los Angeles Rams-Dallas Cowboys game, starting at 2 p.m. And, as if all these games weren't enough, there's another one between Georgia and Georgia Tech which will begin at 7 p.m. on ABC and run until about 9:30 p.m. Well, things could be worse, gals. Wait till the New Year's weekend. PUBLIC BROADCASTING SERVICE will provide a treat for viewers early next year with the showing of the complete "Tudor Cycle." the 12-part series which was SOMETHING FOR A LONELY mi The Guthrie Theatre Touring Group experiments by taking a play into the provinces . . . players explain techniques to Carleton students . . . DAN BLOCKER SUSAN CLARK WARREN OATES HENRY JONES DAN STRONG ttation pre$$ releate except where dot indicate a preview by a newt terviee. TUESDAY EVENING 6:30 GLEN CAMPBELL. Guests: Dom DeLuise, Ken Berry and Lynn Anderson. h. 4. 6:30 IRONSIDE. Michael Callan guest stars as an AWOL serviceman who is accused of murdering a WAC. ch. 5. 6:30 MOD SQUAD. Milton Berle goes dramatic tonight, playing the star of a children's TV show whose life is threatened. It's a routine story, but Berle, Keenan Wynn and Henry Jones are well cast. ch. 9. 7:00 SPECIAL. "Home for the Holidays," a Mitch Miller Thanksgiving special. ch. II. 7:30 THE ADVOCATES. Topic: "Should Congress Make Strikers Ineligible to Receive Public Aid?" ch. 2. 7:30 HAWAII FTVE-O. David Opatoshu returns to the show in the role of Li Wing in an interesting story about a mainland syndicate that tries to take over criminal operations on the island. ch. 4. 7:30 SARGE. Monte Markham portrays an ex-convict who, upon his release from prison, is determined to renew life with his former wife (Arlene Galonka) who has since remarried. ch. 5. 7:30 MOVIE OF THE WEEK. "The Reluctant Heroes." This entertaining Korean War comedy-drama owes a lot to the picture "MASH" for its style and pace. Ken Berry is excellent as a scholarly Army historian who finds himself commanding a unit In the defense of a strategic hill. Jim Hutton, Warren Oates and Cameron Mitchell are standouts in the fine supporting cast. ch. 9. 8:30 CANNON. A fair action hour in which Cannon seeks information from a Howard Hughes-type character and gets nowhere. The duel of wits pits our hero against a powerhouse lawyer, played by Arthur O'Connell. ch. 4. 8:30 NICHOLS. (New time). Nichols is trapped in the cellar of an old house after an earthquake, along with a strange young man and his one-eyed mule. Generally amusing entry, well played by James Garner. ch. 5. 9:00 MARCUS WELBY. Nurse Consuelo Lopez is featured in tonight's tear-jerker. Afraid that life is passing her by, she seeks to compensate for her lonely life by adopting a child. ch. 9. 9:30 MOORE ON TUESDAY reports on the immigration of Minnesotans to Israel. ch. 4. 10:30 TONIGHT. Scheduled guests: Martina Arroyo, Phyllis Newman and Myron Cohen. ch. 5. 10:30 MOVIE. "Something for a Lonely Man" (1968), a drama with Dan Blocker and Susan Clark. ch. 11. 10:50 MOVIE. "Wings of the Hawk" (1953). an adventure film with Van Heflin and Julia Adams. ch. 4. 11:30 DICK CAVETT. Scheduled guests: Lt. Col. Anthony Herbert, central figure in a controversy with the Army. ch. 9. MldnlghtDAVID FROST. Guests: Angela Lansbury, Charles Nelson Reilly and Gerri Granger. ch. 5. 12:20 MOVIE. "That Certain Feeling" (1956). Bob Hope and Eva Marie Saint. ch. 4. WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON 1:00 MOVIE. "Slim Carter" (1957). Jock Mahoney. ch. ll. 3:30 MOVIE. "Merry Andrew" (1958) Danny Kaye. ch. 4. SAOVIRGINIA GRAHAM. Guests: Morey Amsterdam and Joe Flynn. ch. 8. MOORE mmm The Greatest Name in Savings one of the presentations ever shown on British television. 000 The series opens with rebroadcasts of "The Six Wives of Henry VIII," six programs that were carried last summer on CBS-TV. The difference here is that PBS will reinstate footage that was eliminated during the CBS run to Jackson make room for commercials. A courageous couple hitch 11 "MERRY ANDREW" Donny Koyt Pir Angtli Cantrai) to Mi MMit father's wishes, liiraw tataijobttickcndm' (mm) i swjtitt telft) 0 TVl Mi Following the "King Henry" series, PBS will offer a six-part sequel, "Elizabeth R.." starring Academy Award-winning actress Glenda Jackson as Queen Elizabeth I. The "Henry VHT repeats suit Jan. 2. SMALL TALK: Arthur Fiedler conducts the World Symphony Orchestra in a concert on channel two Thursday afternoon . . . Orson Bean provides the voice for "A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur's Court," an animate special, on channel 11 the same day . . . Elizabeth Montgomery and Peter Lawford play "Password" on ABC-TV next week . . . Danny Kaye is the sole guest on the segment of Dick Cavett's show which will be carried locally Thursday evening . . . Brian Keith will star in a forthcoming "Movie of the Week" drama, playing a wealthy man who buys a ghost town and turns It into a thriving community.

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