Nashua Telegraph from Nashua, New Hampshire on November 18, 1976 · Page 31
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Nashua Telegraph from Nashua, New Hampshire · Page 31

Nashua, New Hampshire
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 18, 1976
Page 31
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tofcu Tilnrtifc. Tfcifday, 18, 1876 31 TF; Dust Bins to Stardust NEW YORK (UPI) - Greg Garrison and Dean Martin have been partners for K years and have yet to sign the deal that tied them into millions of dollars of television programs. They shook hands one day in 1962 and ever since they have accepted that whatever one did in television, the other automatically would own half the action, Since this includes the Dean Martin, specials, "The Gold Diggers," "Music Country" and other shows, they aren't doing badly for fellows who started out as a gas station attendant (Martin) and a television station j a n i t o r (Garrison). Garrison also puts his talents to other uses --he is executive producer of "The First Fifty Years" to be broadcast Nov. 21, 7-11 p.m., :Eastern time, celebrating NBC's 50th anniversary. Orson Welles will narrate Garrison's show, which boasts a cast list that looks like an Emmy Award roster. Welles, incidentally, bought one of the expensive Andalusian horses Garrison raises on his Cali- fornia ranch -- not for himself but for his daughter. It would take a hairy mammoth to support the massive Welles these days. Garrison gets picked for assignments such as this because on the way up from janitor he paused at most levels long enough to learn the job. It was recognition of these multitalents that led M a r t i n t o s u g g e s t a partnership arrangement. "One day Dean said he was giving me a piece," Garrison recalled in an interview. "And we shook hands on it. Then he gave me another piece and another. And when I thanked him he said, 'Don't thank me. You've earned it.' So there's no paper between us. We deal with each other as friends." He still gets emotional about the situation. As king of the summer replacements, Garrison thought up a show a b o u t c o u n t r y m u s i c -appropriately called "Country Music." M a r t i n mentioned it to Garrison one day and remarked diffidently, "I love that kind of music. If you ever have a chance to find a spot in t h e s h o w f o r m e , I ' d appreciate it. I'd really like to doit." "But Dean, you own the show," Garrison said. ' "I do?" "Who else?" Garrison said, "Dean put his hand on my shoulder and said, 'Of course.' I had tears in my eyes. And that, in a nutshell, is our relationship." NBC is full of good new as it a p p r o a c h e s i t s G o l d e n Jubilee. For the second week in a row NBC has come in first in the week's Nielsen ratings, thanks to the second half of "Gone With The Wind" and the first half of "Sybil," both Big Events. ABC placed second with CBS third. The top 10 n e t w o r k programs for the week ending Nov. 14, according to the A.C. Nielsen Co., were: 1: "Gone With The Wind" part two; 2: Disney; 3: "Happy Days;" 4: "Laverne and Shirley;".5: "Sybil;" 6: " M - A S - H ; " 7 : " T h e Waltons;" 8: "Death Wish" (CBS Wednesday movie)' 9: (tie) "The Boy In The Plastic Bubble" (ABC Friday movie) and "Hawaii Five-0." Entertainment Briefs America^ Most Unlikely Hero. THURS-Fftl-SAT. "BRANCH BROS." 13, BrookttM, N.H ·73-4600 Photo I.O. R«q. C.C. TUESDAY NI6HT IS DOLLAR NIGHT SINGAPORE Restaurant And Sampan Lounga O.W. HIGHWAY SOUTH, NASHUA 11:111*. · 1:41 u. -baaMa MUM IMtkaM-1:45 l.a SERVING -- CaiMti -- PttytttiM -- AMricai Foodi T^^O^M CAUSM4400 ., Frl. LOS ANGELES (AP) - Comedian George Burns and singer John Denver will costar in the motion picture "Oh God," to be directed by Carl Reiner. Burns will play the role of _God. while Denver, in a straight acting part,.will play a supermarket manager. It's Burns' first role since "winning an Academy Award as best supporting actor earlier this year for "The Sunshine Boys." LOS ANGELES (AP)-National Lampoon magazine is teaming up with Universal Pictures for a movie to be called "National Lampoon's Animal House." National Lampoon has produced five record albums, two musical comedies and a nationally syndicated radio program. This is its first venture into movies. LOS ANGELES (AP) - Rex Harrison returns to Broadway in February to star with Elizabeth Ashley in George B e r n a r d S h a w ' s "Caesar and Cleopatra." Prior to the Broadway opening, the show will be at the John F. Kennedy Center for the P e r f o r m i n g Arts in Washington. PARIS, France (AP) - Filming is under way on the motion picture version of Sidney Sheldon's .best-selling novel, "The Other Side of Midnight." The story of romance and intrigue is set against a backdrop of World War II and the postwar period. The film stars John Beck, Marie- F r a n c e P i s i e r , S u s a n Sarandon and Clu Gulager. ' Filming-over the next two months will take place in Paris, Luray Caverns in. yirginia, -.Washington and studios in Los Angeles. .LOS ANGELES ( A P ) -Abby Mann, who won an Academy Award for "Judgment at Nuremberg," will write the screenplay for "City of the Dead" from Herbert Lieberman's novel. "City of the Dead" is a drama t h a t deals with the medical examiner of the City of New York. 3rd WEEK DUSTW HOFFMAN ROY SOWER LAURENCE OUVIER MON. ftVu FBI. 7:00-9:20 Sat. · Sun TWCMINUTC w NOW SHOWING SUNN**. 33 hit Bates... HESTON CASSAintS MON.tfmiFrii. 7.-00-»:10 SAT. A SUN. 1:15-3:15-5:15 7:15-9:20 R -= - L O S ANGELES (AP) - A three-hour drama about the Israeli raid on Entebbe for ABC is now in production with an all-star cast. The movie, "Victory at Entebbe," stars Helmut Berger, Linda Blair, Kirk Douglas, Richard D r e y f u s , Helen Hayes, Anthony Hopkins, Burt Lancaster and Elizabeth Taylor. Godfrey Cambridge plays Ugandan President Idi Amin. r r r is menu LITCHFIELD Drive-in Theatre CLOSED FOR THE SEASON - APPETIZERS: Choice of on* -- · FRESH FRUIT CUP SUPREME · ASSORTED CHILLED JUICES · TURKEY RICE SOUP · NEW ENGLAND CLAM CHOWDER ENTREES ROAST STUFFED TURKEY $305 GDMGravy,Cranberry - * Ma^V ROAST PRIME RIB it**6m,..'.. $ 6.95 FRESH SEAFOOD NEWBURG $595 ·nCMMroto,tOMtpo*nt %F· u^0 *7.50 »6.95 "LIPSTICK" (R) PLUS "SURVIVE" ( R) Ona comptats sKew at 7 p.m. Undtr 17 f*9ukw accompanying ft* ri tart* tamr I If Jf * * * * * ****************** FEATURING IN OUR MOTOR LODGE COCKTAIL LOUNGE "Linda Rothenheber" GUITAR-VOCALIST Now through Nov. 23 Fr«e Hors d'Oeuvres Betwwn 5 p.m. S 7 p.m. I Evtr TM u5rEnp "' t . UCUJARD ,. I Nashua, N.H. |/%if F^C/%I^C STARTING TUES. NOV. 30 - SUSAN JOY TRY NASHUA'S NEWEST MOST EXCITING STEAK HOUSE LUNCH MON.-FRI. Salad Bar, Soup, Cirved ROAST BEEF HAM or TURKEY b DINNER WED. COUPLES NIGHT LADIES Vs PRICE SUNDAY CHILDREN FREE And Ramambar SECONDS On Our Stockyard Roast Baaf it Always ON US! Water Street Downtown Nashua SUSSE HOUSE RESTAURANT 2 Progrsst Avs., Ev«r«ttTpk«. Exit 5W (at the Chalat Motor Lodgt) NASHUA, N.H. Off Routa 111-A TaJ. 889-3188 TONIGHT'S COMPLETE DINNERS Roast Beef au jus $3.95 New England Boiled Dinner $3.75 Golden Fried Scallops $4.95 Above dinner* include soup, salad choice o4 dr*e*ing, potato, vegetable, hot rolls A butter A jeilo of homemade pudding, coffee, tea or milk.* HAVE YOU TRIED OUR "MOUNTAIN CUMBER?" FENSTERMACHER CONFIDENTIAL Raoui Fenitermacher, head chef at DAFFODIL'S has jeopardized his career and possibly his chefs professional standing through the recent interview he submitted toTH YM K. (The wWk- ly food news, national, magazine). Though known for his creative, innovative cooking. Fenslermachcr acknowledged some of his innermost personal food desires and cravings. He unabashedly admitted a deep need for "BIC MACS" from lime to lime, as well as a constant hunger for "M M's" and "SLOPPY JOKS". He recalled coveting a particular "Hostess Twinkic" two years ago. and !u«.lly shix-kingly detailed how he had "in his mind" committed personal indiscretions in many Fannv Farmer Shop*. How the** disclosures will affect his career remains unknown -- however, his- hos DAFFODIL offered a stern "No Comment" to reporter's inquiries. If the Colonel had Shakey's fried chicken, he'd be a Rte. 3 (At State Line) Nashya, N.H. Drinking Lunch ft DMinar Every Day · Oattwtng Place Sunday Dinner 12 Noon- 10: 00 p.m. NtMrvvttoM Accoptod 4T2-S1M Aif-ConoWofiwi VMt-Scampt-Owck Frwh Ftoh taatead Ht. SAI-Waaafl- Baattaaf^ M.M mhmiaj 'Yai Hm Nivst StM A Rfstwrmt Liki DifMiTs' 'Only 20 minutM from NASHUA" AT THE AMERICAN.IXX BRWLHJSJUWN STEAK M HMMKft STtCET MSMTOS* BMCHCSTtl (224722 BAKED STUFFED JUMBO SHRIMP Above sanrad wtth chofe* of potato, butternut ·quash, salad bar roNs, bararag* and dssssrt CHIDREH12 yBirs Md BB** 1/2 PRICE CHILDREN 5 yws * Mfcr BE OUR GUEST! SENIOR CmZENS OlSCOBBt Of 10* For Reservations Call 8M-1551 TtaBks|MB| DM* is SoBMtKBi Sftcial it HoiMiy IBB Plan Jo Be With Us! ExitlEvorBHTBTipiki NorthttstiTB Nuba, N.H. HBLD OVBR1 TNtSWtEKBMP p*iJt» Pimic» for Two! $12.95 Dinnajrv Indwdt, cHMMM Owte* $14.95 awal cfWtar W*y, rvNa awo Mil and Dlnmrs ter Two S6.98 Such M ftw* U| * Un*, tHrtmp Ptimailani, Chicken Whndham Rd^ Rta, 111-A Palham, Mew HampiMra (391 yai. Bsrtl si Msai O. HOURS iMtx, iNat, TlMnk, 4 pun. Prl * S«t, 4 axm. . i *j*. ALL DAT SUMO AY NOW Acctmna MMMVATWM* ro* Candied Y»ms Butternut Squash for reservations CALL: 883-7700 Everett Turnpike N « aaa«a Ye Bill of Thanksgiving Fare To Begin the Feaate Relish Tray An Appetite Whetter Choice of One Apple Juice ' Chilkd Crantxny Juke Fruit Cup with Sh«rb«t Essence of Turkey /Rice Soup And Pros* the CoMMunity's Gardeas Garden Fresh Salad (With Chokf of Drruing) Froai the Baking Oven Fresh Baked RoHs (Wirti Bun»rJ FoUowed by the Main Coarse Roast Stuffed Vermont Turkey with Giblet Gravy- Baked Sugar Cured Ham Steak with PfoeappJe Sauce Roast Prime Rib of Beef - Au Jus Lobster Pie JLoaded with Lobster Chunks with Seafood Stuffing) 14 Oi. Boneless Nev York Sirloin Steak (Cooked to your liking) rn uodtr twfvc yc«rs ot *ge. i«b«r»ct S1.00 from M S.95 S.9S AM D 4 WHfc Peas Mashed Potatoes Cranberry Sauce To Complete the Feaate Homemade Desserts to Choose From Indian Pudding with Whipped Cream Pumpkin P« Mincemeat Pie Assorted Ice Creams Milk from the Colony's Cows Xou Appearing The Fast I'accd A n « r i l \ c U 11114 Griffith Brothers Fculiiriiii* Adrianiic C Two Shows Xis Monday through Saturday (I'ropcr Drcsv Kci|uirt:tl) Knj«»y fine dinini at the American Inn IHnini* Room Admi**ion 1» Free To The I\\l»LArK Chefs Special (All This Week) Baked Staffed Jnsnbo Shriaip ic Scallops LovMe · Moui {includes Salad, iSll- I!' 1! Potato Vegetable) $5.95 i:\it 7K (Kverett Turnpike) Xafthna Telephone

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